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Oxford Literary Festival

Boris will be appearing at the Oxford Literary Festival on Sunday 26th March at 12pm to talk about his new book The Dream of Rome.

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival is in its tenth year and will be held at Christ Church, one of the most beautiful and renowned of Oxford colleges. Against this marvellous backdrop you will hear writers talk about their books, their inspiration, their passions.

You can book by telephone on 0870 343 1001
More details are on the Festival Website.

28 Boris Johnson
The Dream of Rome
12 pm • £8.00 • Christ Church
Focusing on how the Romans made Europe work as a homogenous civilization and looking at why we are failing to make the EU work in modern times, Boris Johnson considers the lessons we could learn from the Romans and how we could apply them to our present-day politics. Complementing the BBC 2 series, his book, The Dream of Rome, sees him travelling throughout what was the Roman Empire to uncover the secrets of its governance and the reasons behind why the Romans held such power and prestige for so long.

2005: Blogged


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Boris entry in April 2005 (on page 104):

Boris Johnson, Editor, Journalist, MP, Scouse baiter and novelist appears not to have enough outlets for his writings, as this piece from his blog shows: Zimbabwe/GB: former breadbaskets?

2005: Blogged

The book of the Year for the Year of the Blog

“At first sight, an anthology of blog posts is a ludicrous idea. So it was with some surprise that I realised 2005: Blogged is an accessible introduction to the breadth and quality of writing on offer from some British blogs. Editor Tim Worstall has made some fine choices… This is a book that provides proof positive that the British blogosphere is full of great writers. ” – Jane Perrone, The Guardian

Editor: Tim Worstall
Published: 25th November 2005
Price: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0 954831837
Imprint: Friday Books

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Ketchup and Thunder – Seventy Two Virgins

Brilliant book review by Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell…

The Spectator September 18, 2004

Douglas Hurd

SEVENTY TWO VIRGINS : A COMEDY OF ERRORS by Boris Johnson HarperCollins, GBP 17.99, pp. 400, ISBN 0007195907

I have read somewhere that the friends of this author are worried.

Apparently he is an MP, a shadow minister, a performer on chat shows, editor of a weekly magazine, the next prime minister but three and now out pops a novel. How can he manage it all?

They need not worry. On the evidence I would guess that he wrote this in three days, flat out day and night, finishing with the arrival on the fourth morning of what with his Homeric education he would call the rosy-fingered dawn.

And none the worse for that. The rollicking pace and continuous outpouring of comic invention make the book. There is no doubt which master he follows. Several times in P. G Wodehouse the Woosterfigure meets in ambiguous circumstances a police constable, who may hold a torch and say, ‘Ho.’ Boris Johnson has successfully elaborated this simple theme. Here is not one Wooster but two a gormless Conservative MP and the President of the United States, addressing Parliament in Westminster Hall. Here is not a single policeman but the whole array of the British and American forces of order, struggling through mishaps and misunderstandings to save the President from assassination by three Muslim fanatics in a stolen ambulance.

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