Boris Johnson does ‘the Mobot’

Boris Johnson was taking part in a post-Olympic Games press conference with Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe when they were asked to perform the ‘Mobot’ as a tribute to double-gold winning athlete Mo Farrah.

Lord Coe refused to take part, replying “I think not”. Mr Hunt also declined. It was left to Mr Johnson to respond to the request and he gamely performed the famous ‘M’ sign above his head.

The London Mayor also faced further questions about his political future after the success of the London Olympic Games helped make him the favourite to succeed David Cameron as Conservative party leader. Meanwhile Lord Coe was asked whether he would run for Mayor of London.

Both rejected the suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson does ‘the Mobot’”

  1. perhaps Lord Coe has spent quite enough of other peoples money À la recherche du temps perdu ? the Olympics were fine – well done Seb and Boris, but the party is over and now we should be paying more than the minimum off the credit card bill! More public sector debt is the last thing our children need. that should not be the Olympic legacy.

  2. Yay, Boris! Your humor has already endeared you to the world. Well-done, sir. Well-done.

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