This News of the World scandal


telephone exchange

There’s something not quite right about it


“Oh come off it. This is starting to get silly,” writes Boris Johnson in his article this week for The Daily Telegraph.

Starting with the Royal Family, then Gordon Brown and a few ‘celebrities’, the News of the World telephone-hacking scandal has spread, we are told, to hundreds — to the extent that no self-respecting celebrity wants to be thought of as not having been bugged by the ‘gentlemen of the Screws’.

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A hard task — spreading gloom in the sunshine

Tom Baldwin


The dispiriting job of the Opposition spokesman — to spread alarm and despondency at all times


Sunday blessed the people of London with a lovely Spring morning :  bright sunshine, beautiful blossom, more daffodils that you could count, a gentle breeze and everywhere in a certain park the sounds of Spring … and “the gasping sobs of middle-aged men as they tried to retrieve the high-speed cross-court passing shots of their younger, fitter wives”.

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Protogenoi (primordial gods) – Part II

The Olympians


Janina Davison Forder continues her brief introduction to the early period of Greek myth


As Part I of our story of the Theogony (the genesis of the gods) ended, we had just witnessed the birth of the first wave of Titans, the hecatoncheires (100-handed monsters), the Fates and the Furies.

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