Protection of the Green Belt


…next time you are stuck in one of those inching lava flows of red tail- lights…

Kate Barker..has come up with a release some Green Belt land for development, starting with the grottier bits, then the cost of housing would go down…

Do we really need these new buildings all over the Green Belt in the South-east? ..Is that really the objective of government – to maximise revenue, and wreck rural England?

The green way to save our Green Belt

You know that feeling you get when you are in a traffic jam, and you have been stuck there for about two hours, and you know that your children are once again going to bed without their bed-time story; and there is a sudden Incredible Hulk-style transformation in your metabolism, and your eyes roll, and you gibber and you chew your tie and rend your shirt and have fantasies of simply pulling over on to the hard shoulder and abandoning the vehicle and making a new life as a stress therapist.

Have you ever had that? I was once driving an old Peugeot, and after I realised that I had been stationed next to the same pointless traffic cone for about 20 minutes I started rocking in my seat and shaking the steering wheel until it suddenly bent like a pretzel, which was faintly embarrassing since it was someone else’s car. And I think of myself as a man of fairly equable temper.

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