Poem – The Anglo Saxon Way

Broadcasting House programme, Radio 4, Sunday 4th June, 9 – 11am

The Anglo Saxon model is a sweet and bonny lass
And the victim of much calumny in France
They say she’s cruel and ruthless and her heart is made of glass
They say, they lie, she doesn’t change her pants
The rude deluded Frenchmen have the gall to blame our model
For the sufferings of four million on the dole
When the truth is the reverse ……


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A positive vision of Europe

From an odyssean experience came a vision of a Europe

that builds on the steady exchange of people and languages, culture and ideas, until we create a wider, looser, more generous Europe, that includes the Turks

Let’s buy into the good things about Europe

Much as I love my fellow countrymen, I couldn’t quite believe how many of us decided last week to pick the same small set of beaches on the island of Lefkas. There we were, alone on some stretch of bone-white sand, the sea the colour of forget-me-nots, the sky like blue fire; and then dots would appear at the far end. Would they be French? German?

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