Monarchy and Habeas Corpus – DT comment

Sorry, Blair, but that is so much phooey

I have a terrible feeling that, if you lift your eyes a few inches to the north, you will have a shock. An intruder has crept into the chaste domain of the comment pages.

I can almost feel his Cheshire cat grin over my shoulder. I can already hear the torrent of drivel seeping down from my columnar next-door neighbour, and I am afraid I want to throw up my figurative window and say, “Oi, Blair, shut it, mate. Some of us down here are trying to talk.”

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No Apologies – Ken Livingstone

I remember when I first experienced contempt for Tony Blair, whom I had hitherto regarded, I am ashamed to say, with something approaching optimism. It was the Hoddle business. You know: the priceless moment when poor Glenn Hoddle, his brains turned to mashed swede from heading footballs, announced that he believed in the migration of the soul; and that, furthermore, he believed that the disabled were paying for sins committed in a previous existence.

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John Prescott Housing Strategy

Thursdays wouldn’t be the same without a Boris Johnson D T comment to chew over …

Under Prescott’s demolition plan Ringo Starr’s home looks set to be pulled apart along with many other terraced homes in the North, while rabbit hutch style homes are to mushroom in the South.

Now Prescott’s bulldozers are coming for Penny Lane

It is a policy that defies logic …the economic map of Britain looks like a swelling tear drop, getting ever fatter at the bottom; and to hell with local democracy or the environment

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Tim Ireland – the Man and the Genius of His Work

Tim was born in Australia and spent 10 years as a nightclub DJ creating a show based on music video and other forms of multimedia. He claims that this is where he learned the basics of marketing. Music videos are one of the best ways to captivate an audience and communicate a message. 

He soon accidentally stumbled upon the internet, where he has chosen to dwell ever since. In 1998 he moved to the UK and took part in the ‘dotcom’ era. His most notable successes resulted from his participation in the development of and

He is now best described as a marketing consultant/guru and his main focus is Search Engine Optimisation, particularly in Google. As an SEO engineer, his main job is to research and compile sets of keywords and make recommendations to the relevant design team about placement. To know more about the LCT, then visit us here.

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