11 thoughts on “Party Conference Photos 04”

  1. Lori, you’ve challenged me. I must seek expert advice – my tech chap is in Australia at the moment. I had one heck of a tricky time trying to get these pictures ‘uploaded’- all a bit Heath Robinson as I did anything and everything I could to get them loaded. By some miracle the visions seemed to appear… mcw/trainee webmaster

  2. Hi Melissa, Good luck with the training!

    As a dial-up user having to download a 700kb word document is quite a bind. Just a thought…maybe the pictures wouldn’t work because they were in the wrong format (not jpeg of png)?

    Anyway, thanks for your time and nice pics.

  3. All a bit nerdish so how about the picture in the Daily T Thusday.

    Sorry to say that you do look shorter and fatter than your father in that pic i must get it for my site.

    Wishes etc


  4. Dear, oh, dear … what am I s’posed to do. Put ’em on my wall …

    Yeah, it’s naff embedding a picture of, say, Michael Portillo in a Word document; it’s even naffer to download it.

    And I thought the cult of the personality was typical of socialist tyrannies. Only kidding 🙂

  5. I long for the return to the days when photographs of Tory pinups were worth downloading and mounting on the bedroom wall.
    Leon Brittan, John Selwyn-Gummer, Ted Heath.
    The Conservative party needs some of that old-fashioned sex appeal.

  6. I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent to say about these pictures. But words have failed me. Alas – I will stop now before I get sarcastic.

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