With cat-like tread the revenue we steal

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[The Chorus of Labour M.P.s] With cat-like tread     The revenue we steal ; Influence ped-     d-ling is our new deal. Of the truth     We never speak a word ; And Sterling’s fall     can be distinctly heard.

[The Chorus of Lobbyists] Taxi ! Tara ! Taxi ! Tara !

[Labour M.P.s] So stealthily the tax-men creep     While all across the country sleep.

Come, friends     who used to be Leaders of the nation     (At a higher station), Let's add mendacity     To our daylight robbery.

Gold reserves     There used to be : Backing for the nation ;     Protection from inflation. Gordon sold the lot, you see-ee ;     Now we're up a royal gum tree.

[Geoff Samuel] Tell them you're a show-off     — For so can you deny it. Were I a keen observer ...     But no, I’m just a git ! There are some catches     In our dark prince’s sleaze ; Take our files ...     And be sure to shred them, please !

[Lobbyists] Taxi ! Tara ! [Labour M.P.s] With cat-like tread ... [Lobbyists] Taxi ! Tara ! [Labour M.P.s]     The price of bread ...

With cat-like tread     The revenue we steal ; Influence ped-     d-ling is our new deal. Of the truth     We never speak a word ; And Sterling’s fall     can be distinctly heard.

[Lobbyists] Taxi ! Tara ! &c.

[Labour M.P.s] Come, friends     who used to be Leaders of the nation     (At a higher station), Let's add mendacitee-ee     To our daylight robberee.

With cat-like tread     The revenue we steal ;

Influence ped-     d-ling is our new deal !

My thanks again to the University of Iowa Summer Opera ΠΞ

14 thoughts on “With cat-like tread the revenue we steal”

  1. All very amusing.

    The real question is what is the very wealthy Boris Johnson, paid handsomely for writing rather puerile 6th form stuff in the Telegraph, willing to *personally* give up?

    Is he willing to give up his people-carrier?

    How many properties does he own?

    Is he willing to apologise for his Bullingdon background as Cameron has done?

  2. The Conservative party says it wants to give “the concerns of cyclists much greater priority”, which is a dramatic change from its policy in the 1990s, but in the next paragraph says it wants to scrap speed cameras, which would put cyclists at greater risk.

    Pathetic stuff, trying to get the votes of the selfish motorist, and there are lots of votes there.

  3. reopening of east London line:

    “Boris Johnson is in chaos over his stunt to hold an official event using taxpayers’ resources during an election campaign.

    “He’s been trying to take credit for a project delivered with £1bn of investment under a Labour government and a Labour mayor.”

  4. Conservative leader Annabel Goldie campaigns on lowering fuel prices during a visit to target seat Perth and North Perthshire.

    True to form.

  5. Christian Wolmar this week: “To break this mould, the new government should put cycling at the heart of urban transport policy. It is no good, as Boris Johnson suggests, to consider the needs of all modes of transport equally. Road space must be taken from cars and handed over to cyclists, showing that precedence is being given to people on two wheels because of all the environmental and health benefits they bring with them.”

  6. We still seem to think that over-valuing the currency is clever. The only explanation for this idee fixe seems to be that it suits the ruling class. They have villas in Tuscany and like expensive imported consumer baubles. They don’t, on the whole, have to compete with foreign workers. When sterling falls, it usually triggers a new round of prosperity.

  7. According to Theresa Villiers, the Tory transport spokesman, this showed that Labour had not abandoned plans to bring in national road pricing, which could see motorists paying as much as £1.30 a mile to drive on the busiest roads during the rush hour.

    “Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have been caught red-handed planning a spy-in-the-sky national system of road-user charging – exactly what their transport ministers have always denied. A Conservative government will put an end to their plans,” she said.

    Well done Theresa: no priniples, but plenty of votes for comments like those.

  8. Labour now says people can take anti-social offenders to court themselves. What are the police for? Sitting in their office filling in forms?

    Labour is so up its ass it doesn’t know what it says any more.

    This once great country is going to the dogs.

  9. Just what is it about today’s greens that makes them so
    unappealing, so repellent?
    Is it their shape-up-be-like-me proselytising?
    Or is it their can’t-you-see-there’s-more-to-life-than-having-fun ethos?

    Anyway, liked the song! Down with pocketed politicos!

  10. Millions of pounds of profit are handed over to shareholders of all the private rail companies – money that could and should be retained by the industry for investment.

    Always remember, it was the Conservatives who privatised the railways!

  11. You park your car outside your house, yobs vandalise it, you call the police, the police don’t come, you go out to tell them off, they stab you to death. Now Labour says, after your funeral, your family, instead of the police, can take them to court. It makes sense to me really, folks.

    And if the yobs know it’s your son who takes them to court, they will stab your son to death. Labour says your daughter then can take them to court, the yob will stab your daughter to death. Labour says your cousin can then take them to court and so on…

  12. “With cat-like tread the revenue we steal”? This from the party of the duck-houses and moat-cleaning on expenses?

  13. Edith, the point is not so much the iniquity that labour
    is proposing, as the failure of the police to stop our
    cars, houses etc., getting vandalised in the first place.
    Under Labour, the police have been invested of special
    powers – they are now able to become invisible, wherever
    there is some of the ‘low-level’ crime that they can’t be bothered dealing with. I speak only of my own experience.
    There must be some people getting a good service, because none of our politicos seem to want do anything about it. Except Boris of course, who literally gets off his bike…
    My friends in the States now find this funny. Their police were useless too, so now they live in gated communities and hire their own security. If you want something done..

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