5 thoughts on “Boris mucks in for the Teach First initiative”

  1. Great idea, the children are the future, so let them make the policies. Now there is a tactic. 😉

    I must say mind, the girl’s group at the end with the three way split are showing some naivete, are they not, trusting the PM to make fair appointments?

  2. Gripping stuff, Boris – and a great idea to drop it on your own site so I don’t have to wait for the rest of Webcameron to load on my machine…

    Errmmm… But… I mean, I don’t know what your budget is, but next time could you put one camera on a tripod? I’m feeling a little seasick from all the streakiness every time they pan across the room looking for whoever’s just spoken.

    And who’s in charge of sound?

  3. that’s great! please can u come and do it at my school, hardly anyone knows who boris is lol! ur on two pics on my folder lol! nice one getting young people to say what they think! xxxx

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